Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acorns Away!

I'm always a little sad when my Peanut goes home. We had a nice weekend! Started out Saturday morning with a trip to the city. It was a beautiful fall day, cool in the morning, warming up in the afternoon. First stop: his new office. I love seeing where people work; it's so much easier to talk on the phone with someone if you can imagine them in their surroundings. Grabbed a coffee and a Milano. Next stop: Indian restaurant for chicken tikka (my favorite) and Vindaloo (one of his favorites) and about 8 pounds of naan (bring it on). With full stomachs and an Indian-food stupor setting in, we sauntered around the city, stopping at a little Indian market, the Open Center, and the farm market at Union Square. Saw some good looking produce, bee-buzzing-honey, and pumpkins galore. In addition, I was sort of blown away by the amount of crazy people we witnessed. I'm sure there are just as many crazy people in the suburbs, but it just manifests differently or something. Took a mid afternoon train home and ran a couple of errands before making dinner and calling it a night at my place.

Woke up early to get on the road for a birthday breakfast for my sister. Some family members were missing due to other commitments, which was weird because it often feels like I'm the one who can't make family gatherings for one reason or another (ahem, school). It was nice! The rest of the day, B and I lounged. We did manage to go grocery shopping so at least I'm ready for the week.

Can I just was a BEAUTIFUL THING not having to study this weekend! See, I left out that I took the comprehensive exam on Tuesday of last week! Four months of prep work, and it's over. Now, please pray that I passed! We should hear in a couple of weeks. Please God, please God, please God! That was a TIRING four months of my (and my poor boyfriends life). However, during the time I had to study I also started my crazy clinical training schedule, so part of my exhaustion was/is also from juggling client hours between two sites.

It's been so long since I blogged, and I'm sure I have more interesting things to talk about, but for now I have dishes to do and pajamas to put on and all that good Sunday night stuff.
Hopefully tonight I can sleep through the noisy acorns that have been falling onto the roof, rolling down it, and bouncing off my decks, front and back....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The 2nd Law of Action

More accurately, my closet is teaching me about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics this very moment. If you saw it, you would scream! It's the classic scenario: the closet is literally stuffed to the gills and I stand there every morning complaining about having 'nothing to wear'. It DOES take a finite amount of energy to maintain an organized closet, and I'm totally all out!

Anyway. Back to the other my exam coming up in two weeks, and class starting back up tomorrow (honestly, where did the summer go? I didn't even see it while it was here). I am logging some good hours at my internship sites, though, so at least my anxiety about having enough hours to graduate when the time comes has been somewhat reduced.

This coming weekend is Labor Day weekend; yay for the long weekend! I'll be with clients part of Saturday and studying throughout the 3 days...and the fun things my boyfriend and I have planned are a birthday celebration with friends of ours we haven't seen in a long time on Sunday and a kirtan on Monday. Jai Uttal and Krishna Das will be there; we've seen Krishna a bunch of times (and it's always great) but Jai, we've never seen! We were talking about the kirtans we've gone to in 2010 and so far we've seen David Newman, Krishna Das, and Dave Stringer. I don't think I'm leaving anyone out? Last year we saw Krishna, Snatam Kaur, and Bhagavan Das. Bhagavan takes the cake for most far out. It was an experience. Did I ever talk about it?

The birthday celebration reminds me; we had my birthday celebration with my family this past weekend. I got some very nice gifts :) One being a new CamelBak water bottle that I constantly carry with me. I also got some sweet Kat Von D perfume. I love her! She rocks. I just got some cool things this year...including a Kindle (waiting by the mailbox!) and a Swatch watch (that was from my honey.)

I think it's too late for me to try to make any more sense, so...