Friday, July 31, 2009

Oil change, License, and Coffee, oh my!

I have some horribly boring errands to run in the the DMV, and getting my oil changed...however, this doesn't change the fact that I love Saturday mornings! Does this mean I'm a true adult, when I like waking up early to run around town 'getting things done'? No more Saturday morning cartoons, hey? This time, I'm the animated character. More java, please.

Sunday I'm headed on a hike with a friend in the morning - we're going to a spot I grew up right around the corner from. It's pretty and you can pretty much choose a hike anywhere from 1/2 an hour to half a day! I think we'll pick a loop that will take an hour or two (depending on how hot it is by then, perhaps!) In the afternoon, I believe a birthday celebration is in order for one of my closest friends and coworkers. We have the same brain when it comes to many topics. She's one of those friends - the ones I get along with so well and think so much like that...I can't believe it took so long to find her. You know what I mean?

I better get this snoozefest in action. I have to be up bright and early to be first in line for a license renewal. Should I do my hair like...this?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Santa...

A Little Left of Center

The good:

I started my packing lists for Pennsylvania and Florida!
I saw a baby bunny in my neighborhood!

The bad:

My house is a mess. A royal mess.

The ugly:

Three letters: P.M.S.
Uh oh.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I would like to thank TJ MAXX for:

1. the first two books in the Twilight series
2. two bras ($15 total)
3. awesome gold Guess sandals
4. twin bed sheet set
5. small lotus tealight candleholder which will now become my ring/jewelry holder at night.

*Most* of these items fall under the *need* category. Let me explain! ha ha

1. I have been thinking about enjoying Twilight on my upcoming vacation. Both books were a total of $10. How could I resist?
2. No explanation needed, most likely.
3. I wear the same black leather Gap flip flops to work pretty much every day.
4. BYOBedding to the hunting lodge I'll be headed to next weekend and I don't own twin sheets.
5. I can't explain this one...I can only say that it was only $5??

PS: The pre-vacation crunch isn't my favorite, though I'll smile my way through it because...I'm going on vacation! I can't complain about the prep involved. That's just silly!

Drink up!

Water, that is. Hydration is key! And I've noticed it's easier now that I carry my trusty Rubbermaid to work. I'm sort of a nerd, but it made me feel better to see another girl in my office the other day carrying the same one, ha ha.

I have a jog scheduled for tonight, at the gym. First is dinner at my dad's with the whole family. He's back from Seattle! He was out there on a business trip, so he missed last week's 'Summer Wednesday'. It will be good to see him again!

As for my jog, I'm pretty tired these past couple of days. I don't know if it's because I've started working out more regularly and I'm just adjusting or what. I've been sleeping well and having totally vivid dreams. Tonight, since I'll jog later, starting around 8 pm, I'll probably be up late, too. I should use the time to start planning my packing for my upcoming trips to PA and FL (which are just a couple of days apart). I'm aiming for 2.5 miles. If what happened the other day happens again, where I can add another .5 mile, that would be cool, but I'm not going to bank on it. I'm not there yet in terms of my personal training schedule, so I'll just see what happens :)
The pre-vacation crunch is always a little crazy. This weekend, my bf and I are going to scope out a few campgrounds in the area. We want to get a simple trip in the works - just get a night or two outside. There are a couple of campgrounds he knows of, as well as one my friend went to recently. Fun! I haven't been out under the stars in a long time!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here Comes the Sun doo doo doo doo

When I finally opened my eyes this morning (that jog yesterday sort of kicked my butt, I do believe...followed by Anthony Bourdain at 10, which, let's face it, is now 'late' for me by the time it's all said and done) my gaze stopped at: my yellow polka dot bikini!

I never thought I'd own one. Better yet, I know I'll never look like the girl in the picture above. Ha!

Anyway, I went a little swimsuit crazy at the beginning of summer. I wanted/needed a new one and also have a trip to Florida booked for August. I ordered a few suits online, ripped open the packages, tried them on, thought about them, strategized (wanted to make sure the most expensive one was really thought over) and ended up returning 2 out of the 3 I bought (expensive one included, yippee! ha ha) So then I had left one cute two piece (boy shorts) from the Gap. I decided I wanted an additional style (preferably a tankini) for any days I might be feeling less than bikini-ish (which are most, by the way). I found myself downtown Westport one afternoon and stumbled into...SALES! J Crew had some serious sales. Each piece of my yellow polka dot number was less than $20! That's a serious steal, if you ask me. And what bathing suits SHOULD cost, considering there's not much to them. I also went next door to the Gap and found a simple black tankini that landed right around the same place, price wise. I'm so happy I started early and did a little shopping around the matter. I found the best deals and some cute style variations! So now I'm 3 suits deep (plus an old one that isn't totally trash worthy yet)!!

Florida here I come! It also makes me feel good to know that I've been working out and I think it will make my few days in a bathing suit that much more...relaxing!

Off to the office, yellow polka dots dancing in my head!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Tired

I upped my mileage by .5 mile tonight! It's funny where my brain goes while I'm running and how my thoughts change. In the first mile I was thinking about fall (triggered by an old episode of Friends shot in the Fall) and how much I love it.
I love summer too; it's just that every season I get a little thrill thinking about what's to come.

When I stopped thinking about the weather I turned inward, to the aches and pains I was feeling. Specifically, how much I had to go to the bathroom. It's all coming back to me now. I remember this from my previous running days.

Second mile in, post-bathroom break: Feeling good! People watching, mostly. Listening to music. Glad to have my first mile and a half over with. Then I'm walking a few minutes and thinking 'I think I can do another half mile...the last five minutes of my workout...' It felt like I could run with ease tonight. Many times, not so much. I'm only up to 3 miles now, total running and not all in one straight shot, but that's major progress for me! I like how Danica from advised to just start out slow, and not push past the goal of the day. Otherwise, all the pain you feel the next day is associated with the jog and makes it harder to want to get going again. So true! So I stopped after that half mile (and who are we kidding here, I was totally spent!) Another trick that seems to work for me is walking 5 minutes inbetween miles or after my first 1.5 and before my second mile.

I also just want to mention that my dad was a runner back in the day - in his 30's I think. He ran a few marathons (I can hardly imagine running one) and belonged to some running clubs. He ran the Honolulu Marathon (year?) and said that he and a few running buddies would get up at 4am to run to the clinic that was a few miles away. That way they wouldn't have to bother with the bus out to the clinic, then the scheduled run, then the bus back - they could just run there and have transportation to the clinic and their run done all in one shot! Also, it was early enough to beat the mid day Hawaiian heat. As I told Potato the other day, I have runners in my blood. Somehow, running makes me feel a little closer to my Dad.

Next up: shower, dinner, laundry, and my favorite travel buddy, Anthony Bourdain!

Make less of yourself, so God can be more

On the tail of a joyous eating filled weekend, and the brink of a running revival, I have decided to bring my experiences with movement and mindfulness here, to share with you guys! (whoever you may be..Bueller, Bueller?) Also, I think it will be pretty cool for me to be able to look back to my older posts and see my journey unfolding. It has been just about a year since yoga has become a significant part of my life. Not just yoga class, but understanding of the term in itself and how I interpret it into my being. The growing awareness I experience as I practice yoga is beautiful, totally amazing - surprising, painful, exciting! It certainly is one to document.

And running? It's been years since it was a true part of my life. It's time to say hello to it again. I love the community of runners. I love the way I feel my mind becoming fine tuned as I run. My patience and faith is tested. I learn the difference between fatigue and pain. And in the meantime, I tone up and reenergize. Wake myself up a little.

Maybe I'm just feeling inspired today because it's Monday and I need something to keep me interested, propel my week a bit. It is, after all, Motion Monday and I need to move!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog

Welcome to my new blog! I have just arrived from If you want to catch up on the random ramblings of my previous-life-before-today, type in and you'll see what I've been up to!

The hot-weather-weekend is drawing to a close, so I thought I'd highlight a few elements I'd like to remember.

The Good:

Making my way through the hot dog staples of Mamaroneck and Port Chester, New York on Saturday afternoon with my boyfriend (nickname: Potato). Had my first Walter's hot dog while sitting on a park bench on the hill across from this favorite dog stand. Hot and toasted with mustard = two thumbs up! Next stop was Pat's Hubba Hubba for a chili and onions dog. Spicy! Funny little hole in the wall dog dive - every stool was filled up. We enjoyed our dogs with some good ol' fruit punch!

Hell, it finally feels like the dog days of summer are here. What better way to celebrate?

The Bad: The stomachache I had after eating said hot dogs (the dogs were great - I was just FULL!)

The ugly: Setting a mouse trap in my house; cleaning up Raina's yack