Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ding Dong Turkey

I just had this fantasy of actually getting some exercise this 'vacation' while I have a couple of extra hours off. I thought 'Hey! Getting to the gym would be fun! I haven't been there in eons!' and then the NEXT image that followed was the MASSES that will most likely be there the day after Thanksgiving. Imagine?
I think a walk around the block or some yoga at home might do the trick. Keep my holiday spirit up (by not having to be out in the eye for an eye shopping mania) and my weight gain down. Ha. Or at least try. It's inevitable this season, really.

Tonight after I leave the office it will be one stop at the grocery store (I'll be putting my shinguards, mouthguard, and helmet on beforehand) and then home, to bake and decorate some sugary treats. I've got this thing called homework hanging over my head, too, so I'll have to devote some pre-holiday time to that to. Don't want it to feel left out of the festivities :)

Tomorrow morning while I excitedly watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I will roast some squash and prepare to head over to my Dad's house for the main meal. Most years we adventure up to Vermont for the holiday, but this year, since we have a new little turkey among us, we're staying local. Being able to watch the parade is a special treat because of our location - in VT we have a small TV that was born just for movies. In recent years we've 'seen' the parade but through a thick screen of static snow that is only made possible by various members of the family having to angle their bodies in certain ways for extended periods of time, somewhat encouraging the satellite reception to let us see a couple of the floats and maybe the Rockettes.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and warm Thanksgiving this year. Much gratitude for those I love and the food we will eat. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quiet Please!

This morning I saw the Nielsens on The Today Show! I've been following Stephanie's blog since I heard about the plane crash she and Christian were in last summer. I think about them a lot, actually. I can't imagine what life is like, though it seems like their family is healing well and has so much support. She said her blog is like therapy for her now.

On my way to work this morning I was flipping the radio stations between one noisy place to another...until I just shut it off. The quiet was much needed, much appreciated, and I feel like it opened up a little space in my day. Allowed the routine transition from home --> work to take place a little differently this morning. Now I just need to turn off my Facebook addiction...ummm.

Now that my roommate has moved out, my house feels a lot different. So quiet. Often at night I'll put the TV on now, for a little noise, though I don't typically enjoy anything I find on there. I'm more keen to music but somehow have never really set up a user-friendly music system in my house. Maybe that's on my To-Do list for 2010.

Anyway, I just sat down at my desk, so I better get going, but wanted to note how much better it felt to just turn off the unecessary noise on the radio and possibly use it as a metaphor for life!
Happy Tuesday everybody!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turkey Day Countdown!

I'm so very tired this morning!

I feel badly even saying that, knowing that my sister has a new baby in the house which allows for very little sleep...
but it's true! It's my own version of fatigue, I suppose.

It stems from the fact that this week I've been working, going to class, and coming back to work to finish things up. It makes for a very long day full of brain power. Ha. Sadly, using my brain on a consistent basis tires me

It IS, however, Pizza Thursday! I am very much looking forward to sitting around with Bob tonight and sharing a pie. I will also see my kitty, who has been spending the week at his place :)
She'll be back on her home turf tomorrow. This weekend I have to clean out the storage room... start attacking some of those boxes that have just lived on the shelves for years. God knows what's in them. Chances are...I don't need it. My goal for my thirties was to be organized...and I'd say I'm making a pretty good attempt at it!

Back to work. I feel like I need 3 more cups of coffee just to get the day GOING. Wait until you see me at the 3:00 wall today. Oh boy.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

She's a Rav-4

So today, my roommate sets off for her new job in Pennsylvania! She'll actually still be connected to the company we both work for, but she's going on site of one of our clients in PA. She's lived here for about 7 months. I'm going to miss her! I'm excited for her, of course, but I was enjoying her company!

The movers are here now - two guys and a gigantic truck. She doesn't honestly have that much stuff, and has done a great job of packing, so it shouldn't be too long before they get it going. I'm laying low in my room to stay out of the way, though have my sneakers on and am a shout away if she needs me. I figure they don't need two people overseeing their work! Kitty is at Bob's house to keep her safe and keep all of us from having to think about where she is during the transition. She loves it there! He spoils her rotten.

The rest of the weekend will be homework, errands, visiting with my new nephew, and finally, to celebrate the close of the weekend, a kirtan with Bob about an hour from here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Laugh a little, loosen up!

Going through my daily blogroll, I came upon on a topic I enjoy. The art of being positive!

It's funny because I have this great life, great family, good job, good friends, good...everything! And wouldn't you know how often I find myself being negative?

I wonder what that IS!

I'm thinking it just has to be about fatigue, or stress kicking in and clouding over my otherwise-present-happiness. Life isn't about being STRESSED, but it sure feels that way sometimes. Life isn't about being RIGHT or BEST but sometimes it seems that way too. It's about love, and family, and doing the next right thing. It's about new experiences and resilience. So how can we REMEMBER that it's about these things when 'stuff' hits and we're buried under it?

Probably the best advice I've gotten is to not take myself so seriously. It's only life, after all.

I'm happy with my little world and little dreams and little accomplishments.

I'm happy with a little house and one little cat and little job.

The energy I feel from positive people is amazing. The energy I feel when I give away my happiness is huge! Come on people! Let's stay positive! Let's give happiness the right-of-way and keep on keeping on!

Happy Wednesday everybody.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slow Motion

This week is less hectic than last, and I feel it! I'm a little sluggish/tired/lazy. Last night after class I came home and read some homework books in bed for a while. When I got home today I climbed into bed, but moments later got up and started organizing some paperwork that needed to be dealt with for a long time. Did lots of laundry (blankets and towels) and cleaned/organized the house a little bit.
This morning I told my roommate I was going to 'hire a dumpster' and just start chucking stuff out my second story window. Anything on the floor, goes. It WOULD feel good though, wouldn't it?

My new nephew is doing a good job being a fabulous baby...crying and eating...I can't wait to see him and his big sister this weekend, hopefully (not to mention my own big sister!) I miss my other sister and her family...the kids had the icky H1N1 so we haven't seen them much recently :( They're on the mend though so I hope to see them soon!

More kirtan this weekend omg I'm in love! The feeling I get when I'm enjoying the music and the peace filled just so awesome. No word will really capture the feeling, so I don't know how hard I'll try to find the right one. I've always connected with Ram Dass' books and language - and now, as I develop more of a 'relationship' with Krishna and Bhagavan Das, Ram's old friends, it's fun to see my beliefs coincide with their particular

One of the writers of a blog I read was scheduled to have her son today. Thinking of her and her family...and all the new mamas out there! Especially the one closest to my heart!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I met the man!

Today I met Connor David!! He is adorable, of course. He cried, and slept, and looked around, and ate, and slept, and sneezed. So fun to see a little blue capped baby again! Tomorrow he, Mommy and and Daddy will go home and big sister will meet him! It's too bad that children aren't allowed into the hospital right now because of H1N1, but hey. Here's to all the adults/kids/babies who won't get sick because of that rule!

This weekend will produce tons upon tons of baby blue gifts, of course! The true 'baby shower!'

I had a presentation in my class tonight as well as a paper due. Last night was a midterm in another class. This week wasn't my best, schoolwise, but I'd put anything aside for a new baby! I miss E, watching her yesterday was fun.

Tomorrow is Thursday already...somehow. With two tough schooldays behind me I feel like I can breathe momentarily, though it's not long before more things are due.

I've got to go to bed...I was wound up when I got home bc I saw the new little boy and then had dinner around 10pm and started emailing pics, etc. I really need to go to bed or tomorrow morning will be brutal. These past few days I have existed purely on leftover Halloween candy.

Happy birthday to my stepbrother - he turned 25 today! My life changed a bit when I turned 25. I made some smarter choices and started growing up (slowly, I assure you, but it began).

I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow night! I feel like SO MUCH has happened this week and it seems like it's been forever since I've seen him. It has only been a few days but I'm ready for a squeeze. He's been watching my cat the past few days, thank goodness!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to the world...little one!

It's a Boy!

Connor David was born at 5:15 today, November 3!
8 pounds, 6 ounces -- 21 inches

A boy! I'm so excited to meet him. Last night H called me around 10 and said 'I think my water is breaking...' so I hopped in my car and sped off to her house so she and J could head to the hospital to get checked out while I stayed home with a sleeping E. They didn't come home last night, so when I woke up this morning I knew that we were in for a baby today!
E and I had breakfast, played inside, and got dressed. By that time, Grandpa was on his way too!
The three of us, plus the dog, played outside once the sun came out. Then we read books, watched Sesame Street, and while E napped, Grandpa ran a couple of errands and I worked on homework.

Oh yeah - I had a midterm tonight in my DSM (Assessment) class!
It was actually during class that Connor was born; I had a voicemail afterwards. I worked hard during class and was rewarded with the announcement of this new little guy.
My midterm was really hard. The case studies, particularly, where we had to diagnose on the 5 axis. I'm sure for someone versed in the DSM this isn't as daunting anymore, but it seemed like I was just turning myself in circles, the more I thought about a case.
However: I got an A+ on the book review I wrote a couple weeks ago!

And now I need to be working on my presentation for tomorrow night's class. I'm beat from the anticipation and excitement from today but know I just have to get through one more day of class this week and then I get to meet Connor! And then I plan on sleeping until next Monday. I'll make sure to save some for H and J, too.

Love and Babies!