Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vermont or Bust

Soon I will see you, little cabin!! Looks like we'll be driving into some snow on Thursday and experiencing Vermont at its finest as we ring in 2010! Looking forward to a long weekend up North. Typical VT vacations include lots of time in front of the fireplace, some walking on the frozen lake, breakfast at our favorite little cafe (perhaps some fudge on the way) and some home cooking! The juicer will join us, as well as miss Raina! She is a Vermonter at heart; I got her 9 years ago in St. Albans when I was a student at UVM.

This week is quiet at work. There's plenty to do, yet the motivation is lacking when it feels like the office is asleep! Pushing through...

Yoga last night with Vicky and tonight with Mitchel. Trying to get a bunch of classes in before the long weekend off. Bow to the lotus feet of the guru...

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I might have had the post-holiday blues. I woke up with a stomach ache and a less than bubbly mood, but I also woke up with the idea that a little detox would help get me back on track after the sweet holidays and shopping stress that always comes with the season. So, I dragged myself off to yoga, knowing I'd be glad I went once I got there. The Saturday morning class is a packed one. Good class, good teacher, at a good time. Tons of Surya Namaskars, some standing splits, half moons, and dancers pose, a little sweat and ujjayi breath, and my detox had begun!
Bob and I had salads for lunch (my body was like 'what IS this') and then ran over to the grocery store to stock up on beets, carrots, ginger, apples, spinach, lemons, and some other fruits to throw in the juicer we borrowed from my Dad. Y.U.M. My first juice was carrot-apple-ginger (and I certainly tasted that kick!) and his was spinach carrot ginger. He followed that one up with beet, spinach, carrot, and ginger. I sort of fell in love with the juicer and it's little robotic self, even with all the parts you have to clean and the neverending veggie juice that seems to seep out of everywhere!

I'm not feeling blue anymore. In fact, I'm feeling niiiice and mellow!

Yesterday was great; everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts and being together. The kids were over the moon about their new Wii and the little ones were glad to have the other to play with. Connor's congestion sounds better, too. It was a loud Christmas, as between my sisters, there are 6 kids under the age of ten! My nephew got a Red Ryder BB gun and he had the biggest grin on his face when he unwrapped the box. I think he was momentarily speechless, too!

I'm downloading music for my new iPod at the moment so I best get back to that. John Denver playing in the background, veggies in the tummy...I love the holidays...

Peace and Juice for the day after Christmas...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Merry Christmas Eve!

Two batches of fudge in the fridge, presents opened, soon it will be time to dress for Church!

This morning was morning yoga, where I confirmed a hamstring pull. I could not fully go into triangle pose or runners stretch on my left side. Better go easy so I can enjoy my 'winter session' of yoga! The more I go to yoga, the more I want to go, and the more I practice, the more present I get.

After class I loaded up my car with gifts to bring to my Dad's, where I'll spend Christmas! It looked as though I was packing for a semester abroad, the way my car was filled up to the ceiling! My sisters and their families will be there tomorrow as well, so I was distributing stocking stuffers and gifts for all under the tree. Hope, Ella, and Connor were there, so I got to spend a few minutes with Ella in her Santa dress (omg!) and baby Connor, who seems to be doing a little bit better now that he's trying out some antacid for his congestion. Fingers crossed it's reflux (sounds funny to HOPE for that) so that maybe this treatment will help him! He cracks a smile time to time and charms everyone. He totally knows what he's doing.
Then I drove down to Bob's, where we had a little lunch and exchanged gifts while sitting on his yoga mat. :) He'll be with his family tomorrow, so we thought we'd celebrate our Christmas today. He gave me a few wonderful things: Origins Night-A-Mins cream, yoga socks with gription and an iPod! That one was a surprise :) I'm slowing becoming part of the Apple World...

Tonight we'll have a meal before the 10 o'clock Mass. I can't believe the holidays are HERE! I love Christmas. I love ...well...honestly...not being at work. And I love that there's snow on the ground and fudge in the fridge and the Santa Tracker. Most of all I love that my family is together and I am present for today.

Happy Christmas, peace to all...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Run Run Reindeer!

Oooh I just can't wait for Christmas. I love the atmosphere, the family, the warmth and I LOVE watching people open gifts! I'm still in the process of wrapping said gifts, which seems to last until the very last moment :)

Last night I decided that I would make fudge tomorrow morning to give to Bob's family on Christmas (he will be traveling to his brother's house) as well as a few gift bags for my family. I have never made fudge before; I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Here in the office today; the roads are quiet on the way in and each day there are fewer employees in the building. It's been a tough year around here, with layoffs and high stress but...we had business, which is great and something to be thankful for.

I best make my breakfast and get to work, but thought I'd wish a happy holiday and spread a little cheer. This is the time to be joyful, to be thankful, to be loving and calm. Enjoy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

The countdown to Christmas has begun! Once again, I didn't realize how many gifts I bought until I started wrapping them all. I thought I started shopping early this year, but it looks like I made it just in time! Still waiting for something small to come in the mail; I fear it is buried under the snow bank in front of my house!

My semester is over, concluding my first year in graduate school. This was a tiring 3 1/2 months, but I came out on top, which makes the hard work worth it. It's still unbelievable that I'm not in class for a month, and I'm waiting to feel the release as I get into the groove of having a little time to myself (and those books I've put aside to read until now!) Thanks to all of my friends and family who listened to me whine...

I've jumped right back into yoga, celebrating my academic freedom and embracing the Self that existed before books and computers and deadlines and all of the externally interesting things that are in the world I inhabit as a student. Getting back to the studio has been grounding and inspiring, and I can't wait to get back on the mat already! It feels like I may have pulled a hamstring yesterday, so I might want to take it a little easy in the couple of days ahead.

We had some snow Saturday, and Bob and I just hunkered down at his place for the night. Sunday I met my whole family at my Dad's house to make cookies with all the kids. The little ones had a great time just...eating the sprinkles and sugar toppings, while the older ones were more artistic in their creations :) And Connor is looking like quite the little chubby bunny! He has those adorable little baby cheeks and was smiling for us!

Speaking of babies, my cousin had her daughter today, at about 30-31 weeks. We haven't heard many details as of yet, including whether or not it was determined by the Dr. or if my cousin went into labor on her own. Keep her and her family in your prayers, and happy birthday little girl!

I've got to go to bed. I've emerged from present-wrapping Hell and should head to bed...I'll be a Christmas zombie in the morning!