Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Living my Dream

Today I am pretending that I live in a farmhouse in Vermont and have fashioned my lunch accordingly.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I often think about the person I am and the person I want to be. The person I want to be is crafty and earthy; grows her own herbs and vegetables and makes healthy homemade meals. The person I am gets tangled up in work and school, like everybody else, and forgets about the really grounding kinds of activities. It's kind of like what happens to yoga during the week when I'm busy: it falls off the map (though I've been once a week for the past two weeks! Sadly, that's an improvement). Yoga class is literally one of the only places I find myself feeling really whole. The fact that I 'have to' pass it up for homework or errands, etc, is disappointing. It is as big of a priority as other things, if not bigger!

This week I'm on vacation from work (so I can do homework! I kid you not) and I am going to make sure that each day I do something that makes me feel like I'm getting in touch, learning, communicating with the earth and myself.

On that note...off to yoga!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Blue Dream

I had a thought in my yoga class that 'I am right where I am supposed to be'. It came from thoughts about my clinical training (and where I am right now is...not quite sure what the hell I'm doing, LOL). Welcome, good thoughts! I like you!

Yoga is so inspiring. It was so hard tonight, that after class I felt like my legs were just going to shake until I fell over. In the hour, I sweat out tons of toxins, breathed in good thoughts, and thanked God for today and the good things in nature that we can count on (and have to take care of!) like the blue sky and greenery and air and sun. Our practice was set with a poem about the birthday of the sun, and our rebirth...and as we sweat and slipped and wobbled, the upcoming spring and season of transformation was the perfect undertone for why we were there on our mats, working on our selves, all the while hoping that this is the season we unveil some more of that inner spirit.

As for my Ayurevedic Adventure, I'm waiting patiently for Vasant Lad's The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies to come in the mail. In the meantime I'm eating lots of sweet potatoes, carrots, oatmeal, and soup. I read today that while nut butters are okay for Vata types in general, peanut butter is something I'm to stay away from when possible. Peanut Butter!! I freaking LOVE peanut butter!! Ha ha. Mannnnnnnnnnn.
Bob and I are having Ayurveda date night once a month, which equals me preparing an ayurveda-inspired meal. Fran's House of Ayureveda is a pretty happenin' website I found with some tasty looking meal and treat ideas :) I'll keep you posted on what I make and ... er .. how it comes out...

Spring Break this week, which means I don't have class tomorrow night. Yippee! Instead, I've deemed it paper writing night. Oh...boy!! Get EXCITED!!

Anyway. I'm exhausted. I need to go roll over.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love Sundays

...especially ones like today, where the sun is shining and the doors are open and my boyfriend is happily napping with the cat.

I've been following an Ayurvedic diet for a couple of days now, after meeting with an Ayurvedic practitioner my friend recommended to me. I knew the most basic stuff about it; as when I first met my boyfriend, he was following an Ayurvedic diet for his type (pitta) and briefly filled me in on what that meant. Since that time, I've thought it would be fun to go to a practicioner and get their take on my dominant dosha. Turns out I'm Vata, with a bit of an enlarged liver and some toxins trying their best to get out of my body (!) My directions are to follow a Vata-pacifying diet, eating warm and soupy foods to nourish my liver. More sweet potatoes, bluberries, soups, and less dry crackers, breads, and cookies. However, sounds like (after reading a couple of things) Vata types do well with bread, but should perhaps dunk it in a bit of that lovely soup first :)
So far, so good, and I must say...I honestly feel better in these past couple of days than I have in a while. Helps that Spring is on its way :)
I'll keep you posted on my Ayurvedic adventure...

Poor Raina had two teeth pulled on Thursday. She is a trooper and actually didn't seem to be in too much pain (hard to tell of course) and is acting like her old self already. I will say, however, that they sent me home with Buprenex, an oral analgesic, to adminster every 8 hours or so. After giving it to her and noticing her CRAZY behavior (extreme hunger, little paranoia), I looked it up and discovered that it is a narcotic, stronger than morphine. Ummmmmmm. Once I realized that and also concluded that she seemed to be dealing all right without it, I stopped giving it to her. Didn't sit right with me. Thankfully she didn't seem to be in too much pain, otherwise I'm sure I would have made a call to ask the vet of other alternatives.

Did some homework this morning so I could go out and play this afternoon, ha. Felt like a kid again! Met Bob at a great little Thai place for lunch, then shopped for my friends Brand New Baby Boy! Born yesterday...9 pounds, 12 ounces, and she delivered naturally! I knew my friends were rock stars, but oh baby! After my little shopping trip I came home, found a sleeping boyfriend, and went out for a half hour walk.

Now I've got some strawberry kombucha (synergy brand, love it!) and the rest of the afternoon to bask in the glory of a sunny Sunday.

Peace, love, and Ashwaganda!