Sunday, December 5, 2010


Good morning!

It's Sunday morning and I'm waking up slowly. We had a great time at a holiday party with all my Groovy UV's last night, our partners, and all the tinies! Between 5 of us college friends and our partners, there are 7 little ones, and they could all win for cutest kid on the planet. The newest addition to the group is Marion, who is 3 months old and doing great :)

My sister made stromboli (that was gone in seconds), other additions to the table were roasted chicken and potatoes, pulled pork, chicken wings and wasabi sauce, salad, mashed sweet potatoes (we brought those. Mix them with a bunch of sharp good), oh and some really tasty cornbread muffins. The host's 'signature cocktail' was a pomegranate martini, complete with seeds garnishing the bottom of the glass. Even my virgin one was awesome :)

We...didn't go hungry.

The plan is to do this every year. Can't believe it's taken us ten years to get this going!

Spent yesterday morning working on a paper for my class next weekend. Still have a few pages/ideas to go. That should happen today, along with some errands/Christmas prep.

I really love this time of year.
Next year, I will REALLY love this time of year, because I will be DONE, yes DONE, with school.

Come, they told me, ba rum pum pum pum....
Or new born kind to see, ba rum pum pum pum!