Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jai Ma!

Hi, it's been like, 8 years since I've posted.

The holidays are over!! I like the holidays, but once they're behind me and a new year is upon me, I am often glad that we're through for a while, and routine returns.

School starts this week (omg) and my client hours slug along. What a dip I've experienced! Between the holidays and the massive snowfalls we've had (love!), client hours have come to somewhat of a standstill. Ruh roh. Hopefully they'll pick up again as the new year rolls in and I'll be more-on-my-way to graduation. THIS YEAR I will be a graduate school graduate, assuming all goes well. I can't believe I started this journey two years ago and am already in my final year.

My latest 'thing' is Yogaglo. Man, am I into it right now! It's a website that posts classes recorded in a California studio - and for a low price per month ($18!) I can do all the yoga I want! I've been wanting to create a home practice while really loving the class atmosphere; this seems like a really nice meet-you-in-the-middle practice. Lots of classes to choose from, with varying levels, styles, uses, lengths, and teachers.

I'm a Happy Baby!

On the calendar for 2011-BhaktiFest, Joshua Tree, California, September!!

Into the bhakti, into the bhav!