Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wake up!

I've got to get my connection to a higher power out of bed; it's been snoozing a great deal lately.
I'm taking a class this month called Spirituality and Counseling, which will begin to cover ideas surrounding integrating the subject of spirituality into sessions with clients. There is a whole world of perspective and research on this topic, which I have just been introduced to in the past 48 hours. I must say, it is fascinating. I feel as though it is just endless....kind of how I've felt about God when I've tried to put my finger on exactly what I think He is or does.

I wasn't raised in a religious household. I never knew much about church and felt as though it was outside my realm of understanding. I don't remember talking much with my family members about religion or spirituality in general. Looking back, I wonder what we DID rely on during my mom's illness and death. I know we relied on each other. I remember feeling whole out in nature. I wonder how my coping would have been different or how it would have benefitted from having a solid foundation in faith and a belief in something greater than myself to help me through. It is apparent, however, that there was something there, whether I reconized it or not, guiding us through the agony. I just didn't realize I could meet it someday.

The class that I'm taking has oodles of homework, as these graduate classes seem to...and while I'm less than enthused about the volume, I am slightly humbled by the opportunity to enhance my spirituality through future discussions and assignments. What I wanted to tell you about is the spiritual journal I am to keep for the next 2 1/2 weeks (and we'll see, perhaps I can keep it longer!) What is it, you ask?
"Its focus is on the relationship between you and God, not you and your boyfriend or you and your pastor or you and your psychiatrist. Those others can be part of what you write about -- anything can -- but for the journal, they are to be seen through the lens of your relationship with God, and your living a life that is honestly spiritual."~ (spirithome.com)

Me and God? I can't wait to see what happens here. There are some websites that give more structure to the entry that I'm to write, which is helpful for me at least in the beginning. We are also to write a spiritual autobiography, where we examine the spiritual path that we have taken and how we create meaning out of the events we have experienced. How has my understanding of my own spirituality changed over the course of my life?

The paper I will turn in seems like it may end up just being the beginning of something much more significant. I'm not looking for a grade on my spirituality...but I am thankful that the exploration of it is brought to me as an assignment. For me that means it is a priority, where it should be but often isn't.

Have a wonderful evening!

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