Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mid November Check In

Again, it's been a while.

We're coming up on the end of another year! Come January, I'll be in my last year of grad school :)
6 months into my clinical sequence, I think I may be adjusting to the...hecticity (! Wow. See what's happened to my brain?) I feel the tiniest bit refreshed, surprisingly...since nothing has changed regarding my schedule. Perhaps it's the new, crisp season ahead, and the holidays upon us.

I watched an old, good friend get married this past weekend, which may have revived me, in a way. Nothing like the celebration of love to restart the heart! My own honey has been wonderful as I've crashed my way through grad school. Always a supportive presence, always watching out for me. He's taught me lots of things, but right now, one of the most important things he's taught me is...about the importance of sleep! Totally valuable lesson for me these days.

Speaking of's alread 9:30 and I still have a few things to get to before climbing in.

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