Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Food, Inc

Spring Semester has begun, and I'm feeling more calm this time around. I think I actually have more work than last semester, if that's possible, but either it hasn't hit me yet or I'm pretty confident that'll all get done. Always does!

My pre-clinical training class is really fun/interesting. We're taught exactly how a session goes and exactly...what to say, really. A beginning therapist's dream :)

Another class, Substance Abuse, seems chock full of projects/papers/books. I'm reading Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp and I totally recommend it. We were also asked to give something up that we do/enjoy every day, for ten weeks. I gave up chocolate, and instantly regretted it, ha! Maybe when the 10 weeks is done, I won't even want it anymore. I'll...keep you posted. Or, you'll hear that I've run off to be the editor at Chocolatier Magazine and am in full swing training my chocolate lab while learning the art of fondue.

Have brought my yoga practice out of the studio and into my living room, due to class costs and time restraints! Enjoying some David Life and Sharon Gannon DVD's as well as an Ashtange Primary Series on YouTube and a mix of a couple other ones. I want to develop my second bedroom into more of a yoga space...any ideas?

I got into a bit of a Netflix/iTunes movie groove this past weekend with Bob, and we watched Ashtanga, NY (with Pattabhi Jois!) and Food, Inc. OhhhhhmyGod. Please, please watch it. And please, please do what you can to stop factory farming by supporting your local farms and organic fare.
A common misconception is that if you support organic foods, you have to eat ONLY organic. That isn't true! There are certain animal products (meat, milk, eggs) and fruits/vegetables (pears, strawberries, grapes, bell peppers, spinach, potatoes) to name a few that are Must-Buy organic, but there are also lists of the same types of things that DON'T have to be organic. So, learn what's safe and supportive and go from there. You can find so much information online; it's easy, you have no excuse!
Awareness is the answer!

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