Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Blue Dream

I had a thought in my yoga class that 'I am right where I am supposed to be'. It came from thoughts about my clinical training (and where I am right now is...not quite sure what the hell I'm doing, LOL). Welcome, good thoughts! I like you!

Yoga is so inspiring. It was so hard tonight, that after class I felt like my legs were just going to shake until I fell over. In the hour, I sweat out tons of toxins, breathed in good thoughts, and thanked God for today and the good things in nature that we can count on (and have to take care of!) like the blue sky and greenery and air and sun. Our practice was set with a poem about the birthday of the sun, and our rebirth...and as we sweat and slipped and wobbled, the upcoming spring and season of transformation was the perfect undertone for why we were there on our mats, working on our selves, all the while hoping that this is the season we unveil some more of that inner spirit.

As for my Ayurevedic Adventure, I'm waiting patiently for Vasant Lad's The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies to come in the mail. In the meantime I'm eating lots of sweet potatoes, carrots, oatmeal, and soup. I read today that while nut butters are okay for Vata types in general, peanut butter is something I'm to stay away from when possible. Peanut Butter!! I freaking LOVE peanut butter!! Ha ha. Mannnnnnnnnnn.
Bob and I are having Ayurveda date night once a month, which equals me preparing an ayurveda-inspired meal. Fran's House of Ayureveda is a pretty happenin' website I found with some tasty looking meal and treat ideas :) I'll keep you posted on what I make and ... er .. how it comes out...

Spring Break this week, which means I don't have class tomorrow night. Yippee! Instead, I've deemed it paper writing night. Oh...boy!! Get EXCITED!!

Anyway. I'm exhausted. I need to go roll over.

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