Monday, March 15, 2010


I often think about the person I am and the person I want to be. The person I want to be is crafty and earthy; grows her own herbs and vegetables and makes healthy homemade meals. The person I am gets tangled up in work and school, like everybody else, and forgets about the really grounding kinds of activities. It's kind of like what happens to yoga during the week when I'm busy: it falls off the map (though I've been once a week for the past two weeks! Sadly, that's an improvement). Yoga class is literally one of the only places I find myself feeling really whole. The fact that I 'have to' pass it up for homework or errands, etc, is disappointing. It is as big of a priority as other things, if not bigger!

This week I'm on vacation from work (so I can do homework! I kid you not) and I am going to make sure that each day I do something that makes me feel like I'm getting in touch, learning, communicating with the earth and myself.

On that to yoga!

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