Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Funny how a couple of posts ago I talked about an upcoming vacation and then the one directly following, I complained about how I'm not going on vacation soon enough. I really need to stop and smell the roses, or the garbage, or whatever is really out there. The real stuff.

A week ago, my 97 year old Grandma fell and broke her leg. She's gone through the surgery and come out on the other side. Now is the healing time, and the uncertainties of what lies ahead. It's put a lot in perspective...and reminded me, again, that there is a whole system out there that I don't understand. Between my grandma's fall and today, I went to the cemetery where my mom is buried. I sat there and told her things, and tried to explain Facebook to her, (just in case she doesn't already know). I walked around the cemetery and looked at the headstones. I thought about life and death.

And then I got to talk to my Grandma today, and tell her I love her.

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