Monday, November 7, 2011

Inbetween Moments

This morning, as I sat in my robe and drank my coffee as Bob headed out the door, I realized how much I enjoy the hour between when he heads out the door and when I head out the door...a mini 'Me' time, even though it is spent getting ready for work. I am alone (well, the cat would disagree) and I am preparing for the day. I generally go on the computer in-between getting dressed, making lunch, blow drying my hair, etc...

I don't get much time to be alone. On the days Bob works, I am alone for the hour between when he leaves and I leave, and typically the other time I'm alone during the week (aside from being in my car going from place to place) is Sunday afternoons. At this time, Bob will take a nap, and I usually leave the house to give him some peace and quiet. Our apartment is no more than 600 square feet, so you can't really 'go in the other room' here. Sunday afternoons I set out, sometimes without a destination, sometimes with a stop or two. The stop or two often turns into more of an adventure, as one feeling becomes the next and I get inspired to go here or there. I like these adventures! I'm thinking that the next time I have a Sunday Afternoon to Myself, I might want to have more of a plan - something new to explore or something maybe just for me. :)

Anyway. Just some thoughts during my Me Time.

Have a good day!

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