Monday, July 17, 2017

The Daydream is Over

Good morning!
Totally have a fake smile on this morning because today I go back to work after ten days off!

Wow, did I enjoy that break! I found myself in a different kind of groove, a song and dance instead of a ball and chain! Some ideas about the way I want to live in the future were born; it was an exciting and creative few days.

Over the years my job has changed a lot. The pace has quickened, minor issues immediately escalated, work off shored. Our job title has changed to "Coordinator". I no longer DO the work I once enjoyed. Balance went out the window with the ability to work from home. It's sad to see the days of a "normal workday" no longer around. It's even more upsetting to feel what that feels like.

So, like my writing project that I haven't yet pinned down, I'm not sure where I'd want my career path to take me next. What am I looking for? What do I have to offer? How can I contribute something meaningful to the world, while being able to support my little family financially? Could it be done within the company I'm working for now?  I need to ask a lot of questions at this point in my life, and remember to keep a positive perspective. This is a beginning (it can easily feel like a dead end).

And now, of course, with my findings and all of my thoughts...another great question to ask is how I'll show up to work today and do my best?

What do you do for work? How did you choose what you do? Has your job changed during your time there?  What do you like to do when you take time off?

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