Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why hello again!

Jeez. I guess it's been a long time. I couldn't remember my log in information!

I have been having an excellent month off from school. However, in one week, it all starts up again! I'm actually rather excited and will be picking up my textbooks today at lunch.

What have I done over the past month?

Had a merry Christmas
Had a lovely New Years weekend in Vermont
Yoga Yoga Yoga
I will be visiting my friend this weekend who lives in Keene, NH, but we're meeting 'halfway' in Northhampton for a little shopping and yoga.

Oh boy....work is picking up! Better tend to the email that just popped into my Inbox.

Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of my stepbrother who lost his stepsister about ten days ago to an apartment fire. I'm also thinking of my uncle who is in the hospital after a ruptured appendix and complications from that. I am also thinking of my cousin who is now home with her newest daughter after an early delivery and some time in the NICU for Lilly.

Have a great day everyone, take it easy :)

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