Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vermont or Bust

Soon I will see you, little cabin!! Looks like we'll be driving into some snow on Thursday and experiencing Vermont at its finest as we ring in 2010! Looking forward to a long weekend up North. Typical VT vacations include lots of time in front of the fireplace, some walking on the frozen lake, breakfast at our favorite little cafe (perhaps some fudge on the way) and some home cooking! The juicer will join us, as well as miss Raina! She is a Vermonter at heart; I got her 9 years ago in St. Albans when I was a student at UVM.

This week is quiet at work. There's plenty to do, yet the motivation is lacking when it feels like the office is asleep! Pushing through...

Yoga last night with Vicky and tonight with Mitchel. Trying to get a bunch of classes in before the long weekend off. Bow to the lotus feet of the guru...

Happy New Year!

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