Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Reading Little Ones!

Want to hear what I did last night?
I donated a book to a local school system. Great, right? However, the book was $17.99!
Here's what happened: I went to Border's to pick out a gift for my nephew who's First Communion is this weekend. At the checkout, the cashier asked if I'd like to donate a book to that town's school. I'm so used to the donation opportunity I often receive at the grocery store checkout, where you add $1.00 onto your purchase and it goes to a Children's Cancer fund, etc. So out of habit, I said 'Sure!' So then I find myself paying $17.99 for this book!
It's totally two sided in my head, because of course I want to support young readers...however, I didn't realize I would be paying another $20 for a book.
To get right-sized again, I have to remember that I just spent a fortune on shoes for myself this past weekend! Maybe it's God's way of reminding me not to spend so much on myself and spend it on others?

I left the bookstore glad to have donated but not glad to have spent another $20! LOL.

PS: Bookstores for me are like candy shops for kids.

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