Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Blah

Well look at that! I have two readers!
Ha ha. Thanks guys!

I'm having one of THOSE days. I couldn't sleep last night, and when it was time to get up it was Monday AND rainy. Therefore, I am craving carbs, fat, and salt, as I always do when I'm working but really need to be sleeping. Therefore, my lunch consisted of turkey and swiss on a bagel with mayo (got the carbs and fat in!) and Baked Lay's (go, salt!)
I know it's not the healthiest lunch you've ever heard of, but considering I was like, falling asleep at my desk earlier, it's definitely helping me stay alive.
If I drank soda I'd probably be going for a Coke right now. Nothing like the feeling of your teeth rotting out of your head to keep you awake!

This past weekend was great! Friday I had dinner with a friend who was in town. She mentioned the possibility of moving back this way, which would be awesome. I didn't want to say anything (ie beg) but I would love if she did. She's my TV-watching, movie-going, sushi-eating friend and I need more of those things in my life (okay well, not TV but enjoying a good show with a friend sometimes is great). Saturday was the annual Earth Day celebration at a local natural food market; boyfriend and I had a field day in the free sample tent. I don't take samples of things I won't use, but somehow I still ended up with a ton! I guess I'll use a lot of that stuff.
Kiss my Face has a new mouthwash that they had samples of; I'm excited to try it. So far I've tried some face wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and body lotion that I picked up. I've also had some cookies and Valerian root supplements :)

Saturday night my family gathered for dinner to send my Dad off on a business trip to Prague. He'll be gone for two weeks so we used it as an excuse to get together. I love that we still do that as a family, even though the three of us girls (my stepbrother couldn't make it this time) are paired off (well, two are married; I'm still dating) and there are 6 kids between my two sisters! Lots of laughter and noise; never a dull moment! I hope they grow up enjoying the presence of family and appreciating our closeness.

Sunday we slept in later than usual, which was random but lovely. I did homework (finals next week) and then we went off to the mall for some shoe shopping. We left as proud owners of Sperry and Frye footwear. The Classics!

I went for a jog after shopping, and it started to rain while I was out. I'm just starting to get back to jogging, so yesterdays was probably about a mile and a half. Nothing crazy at this point, but I'm enjoying it as therapy and felt like I could have run a long time yesterday. It was cool outside; that seems to help.

Have a meeting to run into - just wanted to say hello.
Happy Monday!!

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