Monday, May 24, 2010

The First Day Of... new, crazy schedule. I thought the past 6 months have been intense; I have a feeling I'll be one-upping them pretty soon.
I start my reduced work-hours schedule today (40 to 30) as well as my graduate assistantship for my program department at school (1o hours a week). Other things happening this week: orientation at my site (clinical training), babysitting for a couple of girls for a couple of hours, and some quality time with my sister's dog this holiday weekend. Oh yeah and a Memorial Day barbecue, of course! The next week begins my clinical training at school (one day a week) and then my summer class starts the week after that. By the time everything is under way, summer will be over, ha ha.

This past Saturday I met one of my college roommates' two-month old daughter! I rode up to MA with another of our roommates (sporting a new baby bump!) which was great. I opted to because my car is getting a bit old and cranky and I didn't want to drive 3 hours to find myself stranded. Other happening of this summer: probably purchasing a new car.
We spent the sunny afternoon on my friends porch, complete with new porch furniture! They even have one of those tables with the fire pit in it! Love those.Her three year old daughter played in the kiddie pool and on her new playground. It was a long trip there and back in one day (about four hours each way) but well worth it to meet the little munchkin and spend some quality time with friends.

Sunday started off with homework (preparing for a comprehensive exam that takes place in September), and then the afternoon was filled with a 10 mile bike ride through the more historic neighborhoods of my town. So beautiful out!

Bob and I also stopped by my dad's house to see him and my stepmom who had just driven back from North Carolina, where they spent the weekend for a family wedding (on my stepmom's side).

So anyway, at the end of this week I'll let you know how all of my new things went! I'm looking forward to spending time up at my sister's house this weekend, where I'll be dogsitting her chocolate lab. It's always nice to get away/change the scenery and her town is a great place to spend some time.

Happy Monday!

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