Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Recap (and it's not even over yet!)

This weekend is so busy, it's great! But where do I start with this blog?

Yesterday I went for the first 'run' in about two weeks. Eeek. And it was THAT run. The run. That sucks. I had been pretty excited about getting back into jogging about a month ago, and then went on vacation and fell off my little routine (though did get some great yoga in at Kripalu).

So bear with me while I just set up the day:

Yesterday morning my bf and I went to the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in Harlem for an Acolyte Festival! He's very active in his church, and this event was cool because it's set up to honor those who do the jobs other than Pastor, Deacon, etc. Kind of like...the techies of the church service, ha ha. The church is beautiful. HUGE. They had a welcome and then we could participate in various workshops or tours for a couple of hours. He and I went on the Vertical Tour - where you climb this little windy stone staircase up up up into the church. We stopped off at various 'levels' and were given a brief history and description by our very animated art history major tour guide. She was great. Finally, we landed at 'La Foret' which is the 'attic' of the church, basically - it's the structure above the ceiling of the church, that was built to protect the church itself from the elements. So neat. And then, we stepped onto the roof! What an experience!
The second workshop we went to was called 'Holy Smoke' - about how to incorporate the use of incense into your service. The technicalities of it and all that stuff. So interesting for me, because I don't know much about the details of a church service, i.e. what various objects are called or the meaning behind certain parts of the service. And finally, the churches that participated yesterday formed a procession that took them up onto the altar where we had a short service. It was so nice. All these people (kids too!) deserve to be recognized. I know my BF shows up when needed and is always ready to give a helping hand. Yesterday he and I went to the festival, along from the deacon of their church, and another churchgoer and her daughter and a friend. The two young girls (who are 11) are young acolytes and also participated in the procession. One awesome thing I learned about acolytes is that they've been serving the church for 1800 years!

After that, we came home and were so tired! Probably just from getting up early to be in the city early, but man! Bf napped and I threw on my running clothes. It was a beautiful day and I knew I had to get out there. I read on that when she feels like she doesn't want to run, she knows she really has I took that with me. However, the couple of miles I've run around here start with one big long I had that in front of me, and my legs felt like two bricks! It was rough! I tried to just run through it but it was one of those runs where I just felt uncoordinated, tired, and slow. UGH. I walked a little bit here and there and then jogged home (which is downhill, ha ha. I know). I did, however, see that a school nearby seems to have a track or at least a path around the sports field; so I might head over there later and check it out. I also reminded myself that even if it was a crappy jog, at least I got out there and tried, and got some exercise, regardless!

This morning my Dad and I are headed to my sister's to watch her four kids while she and her husband head to brunch to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary! Wow. I met her husband when I was 9 or 10. I'm 30 now. Isn't that crazy?

School is another story. I'll get into that later. I truly enjoyed our trip to MA and 'forgot' about work and school for five days, which was SO needed. However, the first day back in the groove was difficult. Coming back from vacation is always depressing, LOL, even though my daily life is great.

I have to keep getting ready and stop talking.
Have a happy Sunday! Peace and sunshine!

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