Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maximum Poof

I'm definitely a little hyped up. For my sister's sake, I'll say 'I'm definitely exhibiting maximum poof!' That means basically, that I'm freaked out, frazzled, have my guards up, and am likely to be hiding under the bed by the end of the week. (Term originally used by a friend whose cat was startled by a thunderstorm and displaying the bushy tail/maximum poof. It's perfect!)

I'm feeling like I've reached my limit of how many things I can possibly have going on. My life is full all right, but it's almost so full that I'm afraid it'll spill at any moment! The funny thing is, everything that is in play is great! I am, however, noticing the toll this level of busyness is taking on my sanity. I feel worn out, even a little depressed at times. That is just from exhaustion. Funny how the body works though. All these awesome things and...I'm feeling a little down?! What the heck.

I got a call today from my clinical site that...they have a new client for me. I immediately went into fight or flight mode. My first client? Does this mean it's REAL? I was really emotional about it (just like, anxious and shaky, not crying-emotional). I'm so nervous. I feel like I'm blanking on everything I've learned so far. Ha!

Anyway, enough of that whining.

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY! Yesterday was my oldest sister's birthday. We had a good talk on the phone and a good laugh (H, where is that YouTube video you were going to make!? LOL). She has always been there for me and has been a wonderful influence and strong and steady source of love my entire life! I love her very much and can't imagine how different (and lacking!) my life would be without her. Somehow I got lucky; I was given TWO amazing sisters!

Bedtime. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

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