Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rest and Relax

Today is the last day of the semester! I'm so psyched. AND tomorrow I'm going to the Berkshires for a couple days. I can't wait to get out of town and breathe in air other than academic air for a while.

Tonight I have a final exam in my substnace abuse class. Last night I had two dreams: One, that the test was moved to Saturday (therefore I'd have to come back from our little trip early, AND study while we're away, ew). The other dream I had related to my teacher telling us (in real life) that our test has a couple of different kinds of questions...some require listing out our answers, and others that allow us to be a little more creative. So, in my dream, my teacher handed out our exam and...a box of crayons.
Tell me that wouldn't be so awesome.

In a matter of weeks I will be working with real clients. No more simulated families.
I'm not even sure I'm nervous (though ask me again like, 5 minutes before I sit down with my first client). I'm more just...ready to move onto the next phase of my training. I'm confident that my insecurities are normal and many of my current questions will be answered by experience.
I'll keep you all posted. After my first session with a client, I envision myself doing the equivalent of a wet-dog-shake.


This weekend I'm excited for the change of scenery - I'm bringing my running skirt (beloved as it is) and a couple of changes of yoga wear. While we're away we'll be stopping at a nearby Yoga center as shanti!

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