Monday, July 27, 2009

Make less of yourself, so God can be more

On the tail of a joyous eating filled weekend, and the brink of a running revival, I have decided to bring my experiences with movement and mindfulness here, to share with you guys! (whoever you may be..Bueller, Bueller?) Also, I think it will be pretty cool for me to be able to look back to my older posts and see my journey unfolding. It has been just about a year since yoga has become a significant part of my life. Not just yoga class, but understanding of the term in itself and how I interpret it into my being. The growing awareness I experience as I practice yoga is beautiful, totally amazing - surprising, painful, exciting! It certainly is one to document.

And running? It's been years since it was a true part of my life. It's time to say hello to it again. I love the community of runners. I love the way I feel my mind becoming fine tuned as I run. My patience and faith is tested. I learn the difference between fatigue and pain. And in the meantime, I tone up and reenergize. Wake myself up a little.

Maybe I'm just feeling inspired today because it's Monday and I need something to keep me interested, propel my week a bit. It is, after all, Motion Monday and I need to move!

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