Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Tired

I upped my mileage by .5 mile tonight! It's funny where my brain goes while I'm running and how my thoughts change. In the first mile I was thinking about fall (triggered by an old episode of Friends shot in the Fall) and how much I love it.
I love summer too; it's just that every season I get a little thrill thinking about what's to come.

When I stopped thinking about the weather I turned inward, to the aches and pains I was feeling. Specifically, how much I had to go to the bathroom. It's all coming back to me now. I remember this from my previous running days.

Second mile in, post-bathroom break: Feeling good! People watching, mostly. Listening to music. Glad to have my first mile and a half over with. Then I'm walking a few minutes and thinking 'I think I can do another half mile...the last five minutes of my workout...' It felt like I could run with ease tonight. Many times, not so much. I'm only up to 3 miles now, total running and not all in one straight shot, but that's major progress for me! I like how Danica from advised to just start out slow, and not push past the goal of the day. Otherwise, all the pain you feel the next day is associated with the jog and makes it harder to want to get going again. So true! So I stopped after that half mile (and who are we kidding here, I was totally spent!) Another trick that seems to work for me is walking 5 minutes inbetween miles or after my first 1.5 and before my second mile.

I also just want to mention that my dad was a runner back in the day - in his 30's I think. He ran a few marathons (I can hardly imagine running one) and belonged to some running clubs. He ran the Honolulu Marathon (year?) and said that he and a few running buddies would get up at 4am to run to the clinic that was a few miles away. That way they wouldn't have to bother with the bus out to the clinic, then the scheduled run, then the bus back - they could just run there and have transportation to the clinic and their run done all in one shot! Also, it was early enough to beat the mid day Hawaiian heat. As I told Potato the other day, I have runners in my blood. Somehow, running makes me feel a little closer to my Dad.

Next up: shower, dinner, laundry, and my favorite travel buddy, Anthony Bourdain!

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