Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drink up!

Water, that is. Hydration is key! And I've noticed it's easier now that I carry my trusty Rubbermaid to work. I'm sort of a nerd, but it made me feel better to see another girl in my office the other day carrying the same one, ha ha.

I have a jog scheduled for tonight, at the gym. First is dinner at my dad's with the whole family. He's back from Seattle! He was out there on a business trip, so he missed last week's 'Summer Wednesday'. It will be good to see him again!

As for my jog, I'm pretty tired these past couple of days. I don't know if it's because I've started working out more regularly and I'm just adjusting or what. I've been sleeping well and having totally vivid dreams. Tonight, since I'll jog later, starting around 8 pm, I'll probably be up late, too. I should use the time to start planning my packing for my upcoming trips to PA and FL (which are just a couple of days apart). I'm aiming for 2.5 miles. If what happened the other day happens again, where I can add another .5 mile, that would be cool, but I'm not going to bank on it. I'm not there yet in terms of my personal training schedule, so I'll just see what happens :)
The pre-vacation crunch is always a little crazy. This weekend, my bf and I are going to scope out a few campgrounds in the area. We want to get a simple trip in the works - just get a night or two outside. There are a couple of campgrounds he knows of, as well as one my friend went to recently. Fun! I haven't been out under the stars in a long time!

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