Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I would like to thank TJ MAXX for:

1. the first two books in the Twilight series
2. two bras ($15 total)
3. awesome gold Guess sandals
4. twin bed sheet set
5. small lotus tealight candleholder which will now become my ring/jewelry holder at night.

*Most* of these items fall under the *need* category. Let me explain! ha ha

1. I have been thinking about enjoying Twilight on my upcoming vacation. Both books were a total of $10. How could I resist?
2. No explanation needed, most likely.
3. I wear the same black leather Gap flip flops to work pretty much every day.
4. BYOBedding to the hunting lodge I'll be headed to next weekend and I don't own twin sheets.
5. I can't explain this one...I can only say that it was only $5??

PS: The pre-vacation crunch isn't my favorite, though I'll smile my way through it because...I'm going on vacation! I can't complain about the prep involved. That's just silly!

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