Saturday, December 26, 2009


I might have had the post-holiday blues. I woke up with a stomach ache and a less than bubbly mood, but I also woke up with the idea that a little detox would help get me back on track after the sweet holidays and shopping stress that always comes with the season. So, I dragged myself off to yoga, knowing I'd be glad I went once I got there. The Saturday morning class is a packed one. Good class, good teacher, at a good time. Tons of Surya Namaskars, some standing splits, half moons, and dancers pose, a little sweat and ujjayi breath, and my detox had begun!
Bob and I had salads for lunch (my body was like 'what IS this') and then ran over to the grocery store to stock up on beets, carrots, ginger, apples, spinach, lemons, and some other fruits to throw in the juicer we borrowed from my Dad. Y.U.M. My first juice was carrot-apple-ginger (and I certainly tasted that kick!) and his was spinach carrot ginger. He followed that one up with beet, spinach, carrot, and ginger. I sort of fell in love with the juicer and it's little robotic self, even with all the parts you have to clean and the neverending veggie juice that seems to seep out of everywhere!

I'm not feeling blue anymore. In fact, I'm feeling niiiice and mellow!

Yesterday was great; everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts and being together. The kids were over the moon about their new Wii and the little ones were glad to have the other to play with. Connor's congestion sounds better, too. It was a loud Christmas, as between my sisters, there are 6 kids under the age of ten! My nephew got a Red Ryder BB gun and he had the biggest grin on his face when he unwrapped the box. I think he was momentarily speechless, too!

I'm downloading music for my new iPod at the moment so I best get back to that. John Denver playing in the background, veggies in the tummy...I love the holidays...

Peace and Juice for the day after Christmas...

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