Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Merry Christmas Eve!

Two batches of fudge in the fridge, presents opened, soon it will be time to dress for Church!

This morning was morning yoga, where I confirmed a hamstring pull. I could not fully go into triangle pose or runners stretch on my left side. Better go easy so I can enjoy my 'winter session' of yoga! The more I go to yoga, the more I want to go, and the more I practice, the more present I get.

After class I loaded up my car with gifts to bring to my Dad's, where I'll spend Christmas! It looked as though I was packing for a semester abroad, the way my car was filled up to the ceiling! My sisters and their families will be there tomorrow as well, so I was distributing stocking stuffers and gifts for all under the tree. Hope, Ella, and Connor were there, so I got to spend a few minutes with Ella in her Santa dress (omg!) and baby Connor, who seems to be doing a little bit better now that he's trying out some antacid for his congestion. Fingers crossed it's reflux (sounds funny to HOPE for that) so that maybe this treatment will help him! He cracks a smile time to time and charms everyone. He totally knows what he's doing.
Then I drove down to Bob's, where we had a little lunch and exchanged gifts while sitting on his yoga mat. :) He'll be with his family tomorrow, so we thought we'd celebrate our Christmas today. He gave me a few wonderful things: Origins Night-A-Mins cream, yoga socks with gription and an iPod! That one was a surprise :) I'm slowing becoming part of the Apple World...

Tonight we'll have a meal before the 10 o'clock Mass. I can't believe the holidays are HERE! I love Christmas. I love ...well...honestly...not being at work. And I love that there's snow on the ground and fudge in the fridge and the Santa Tracker. Most of all I love that my family is together and I am present for today.

Happy Christmas, peace to all...

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