Saturday, July 13, 2013

I lived to see the weekend...

...and yesterday I went for a Friday Victory Run.
Celebrating, of course, Friday. And celebrating that my morning jog went just the way I'd been wanting it to: wake up at 5:30, lay around for a few minutes, and then realize....I'm awake, and I'm wanting to go for a jog. This was the first morning I didn't feel like a slug having to peel myself out of bed in order to go out. That was refreshing :) Granted, my legs felt like someone tied a few pounds of bricks to each one, but I made it. Slow but steady.
And I saw four bunnies in the bunny 'hood I run through!

Since I'm newly obsessed with running, as this would be completely accurate of my personality (find a new interest and totally overload it into my system, ultimately burning out shortly thereafter, ha) I downloaded a 5K to 10K running app that a friend at work recommended. The beauty of this app, it appears, is that it sets the training schedule up, and is a gradual process, of course, over a few weeks, with three days of running per week (and the option of adding additional 'free runs' if desired). Anyway, my point is that this app may be helpful in reigning me in and keeping things at a pace at which I can actually sustain a 'love' of running over time.

Today is sort of an icky weather morning, though I'm enjoying it nonetheless since it's Saturday, my favorite morning! I've had my coffee, folded laundry, backed up my iPhone, and showered. Our plans involve heading out and just kind of seeing where the day takes us. Ah, the freedom of the weekend!

Even kitty witty is having a Saturday party:

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