Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning (Let's Do This!)

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?
Mine was looonnng, as we had a half day on Friday to accommodate our move to a new office (today!)

B and I spent most of the weekend casually running errands and enjoying ourselves with Saturday afternoon coffees and beloved grocery store outings (I swear, that's our preferred regular entertainment). 
I ran Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. On Saturday, I hit my weekly goal mileage of 15 miles with a 4.5 mile run (unplanned; I was feeling GREAT). So, that was awesome!
This is what I looked like after:

Yesterday I felt a little blah. It was my planned rest day, but after blahing around (and working) a while, B suggested maybe I try a little jog...just maybe it would make me feel better? So...I ditched the resting (oops) and went out for an experimental 'easy' 2 mile jog in great weather. It actually turned out to be a bit harder than I expected; in fact, my lungs were burning so much up my usual hill that I stopped to walk for a few seconds at the top, which helped. It was also later in the day than I prefer; I am definitely a morning running-on-an-empty-stomach kind of person, so running at 5pm was a new experience. I took a minute on my way back to appreciate this:

Today I am resting (well, and working).

My newest obsession and running dream is to do the Hood to Coast relay next year...which is a 197 mile relay race in Oregon, from Mount Hood to the ocean. The race (two days) has 36 legs and each team has 8 to 12 members, which means that each member runs multiple legs. The legs vary from 3 to 8 miles. I watched a documentary on the race on Saturday night and of course got hooked; I think I'd have to register (with a team) by this Fall. Anyway, I was thinking about that on my jog yesterday, because during the relay, running takes place at ALL times of the day and night, literally...3:30 am and you're going out for a 6 miler. So, I'd have to train to run at any time of day, not just mornings!

So cool though. Looks like an amazing experience. I need a team! I've got the motivation :)

I'm off to my new office this morning; 16 miles closer than my 'old' office, which makes me happy, and makes my gas-sipping car even happier. 

Our new workstations are of the 'long table' variety (with half walls between me and the person across from me/no partition between me and the person next to me)...which will be an adjustment from what we're used to: typical cubes with high enough walls that you have a bit of privacy. I guess this is the new world of the workplace; we'll see what it's like. I am excited about the fact that there's a cafeteria AND a coffee shop on site, too :)

Oh and included with our move was the choice of membership to the on-location gym. I'm looking forward to checking that out and hopefully using it this winter if it gets too cold or snowy.

Better keep moving so I can get out the door on time...
40 sleeps until vacation!!

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