Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Week's New Things

Good morning!

Feels like fall out there, which gets me really excited. I love summer though I have to say, right around the middle of it every year I get a little wishful about fall. This year, summer has been one of three things for the most part: extremely hot, extremely humid, or extremely wet.

These past couple of morning have been cool. Great mornings to run...if I had gone out. I've had a couple of 'later' nights (for me, 'later' means bed after 10:00) which don't typically equal a morning run the next day. I am a sucker for enough sleep! Considering I often put in 9-10 hour work days, sleep is important to me and I'll take it when I need it and schedule any running accordingly :)

I did run on Tuesday morning, and hit a couple of PR's:

The last half mile is pretty much downhill; the half mile before that is a slow, gradual, killer hill up a long, straight road. I find it my least favorite part of my morning run and definitely the biggest challenge, because by that time I'm tired and the straightaway seems never ending...

Monday morning (I know, I'm going back in time slightly; forgive my out-of-orderness) we moved into our new office! I actually really like it, though it's definitely an adjustment. The space itself is professional, updated, and has a neat, clean look: a few things our old office was getting away from. Lots to learn in this new amenities, tons of security; on Tuesday night I had to call security so I could get OUT of the elevator bank and into the parking garage to my car! I felt pretty cool.

Here's a picture of my row:

My desk is on the right, where that orange purse sits :) And no, I don't work in a call center.
We also have a lovely terrace to the right of this picture with teak wood tables and a nice view of the surrounding area. Had lunch out there yesterday! Note to self: bring sunglasses! (And a sweater; the air conditioning definitely works).

My sister gave me something new last night, too - I'll post a picture of it later.
Right now, I'm off to get my day started - SO excited that it's Thursday and the weekend is creeping up!

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