Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm going camping!

And I can't wait!
It's still a week away.

I haven't been in a long time though - and I'm looking forward to two days of peace (and music? Wait no, that was in the 60's). I plan on...not doing much. Maybe taking a hike on the trails around the campground and I'm sure reading a bunch. School will have started by then and I have plenty of reading to get done in the next few months. Why not start while hanging out in a tent?
Potato likes to read a lot too, so I imagine it will be a quiet time (complete with S'Mores). HJE might come by for a walk around the campstie and a S'more!

Before I get too ahead of myself and focus on the weekend after this one, I suppose I should take a look at what's coming up in a day! Spending the weekend with bf's family - first, a birthday party for an aunt on Saturday (get in the car, we're driving about an hour) and then Sunday, we'll help his brother celebrate his first child's first birthday! Love those kinds of parties. The kids are so wide-eyed at the pile of presents but mostly...that cake that is placed in front of them, ready to be destroyed...

Talked to my roommate yesterday about what's to come - she moved in about 6 months ago after a breakup and we had figured she'd be with me about 6 months while she figured out what she wanted to do next. The end of Sept will be 6 months and she is going to begin looking. It will be weird having the place to myself again, though I do like it - and I can make the mess I might need to make during a busy semester. However, I'll miss having her around, she's a great roommate!

All right...back to work...

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