Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yahoo for Yoga!

Remember that blog where I was like 'I'm going to right about my journey with movement and exercise and blah blah blah'...That's great and all, but then I pretty much stopped exercising after that. ha ha ha. I've walked here and there (does all day at Disney count?) and made a commitment to exercise a couple times a week during the school semester. It sounds silly, like, 'wow, you really can't find time to exercise?' but I've noticed, during previous semesters, that it really is hard to find the time! The key is to MAKE the time and make moving a priority.
So anyway.
Last night I treated myself to a yoga class at my favorite studio around. It was lovely! I wanted to set my mind on the right track before getting swept away in the semester. It worked! I'm refueled and remotivated to stay close to my center and keep my body strong during this time.

PS: I'm so excited that it's September. I worship Fall.

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