Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm really exciting on Friday nights.
When I got home from work I...swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom (attacked the ever-resistant orange crap in the bathtub tile) and vacuumed. Also washing my sheets and other random articles of clothing that have just about taken up residence in my laundry basket.

And THEN...wait for it....I'm going to...

Wow. The funny thing is, I like nights like this. My roommate will be back in a bit; she left for a jog. My boyfriend will be on his way shortly too, and we'll go for dinner and a jaunt around our beloved Whole Foods. Don't need anything. We just go and browse and sometimes leave with a bar of soap or a bag of cereal (Three Sisters brand; try it sometime!)

Tomorrow will be more studying + a birthday party. I love Saturdays!!
Finally. The weekend. I think the Friday night scrub down makes me feel a bit like I'm purging the week and taking on the freedom of the weekend. A little transition ceremony, I suppose.

Happy Friday!

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