Monday, September 7, 2009

Feel Your Way Away

I was cheering on a Daddy longlegs this weekend and trying to encourage him to NOT head straight for a cobweb. He was feeling around with his big weird legs and I was saying 'Feel your way away' over and over again, not realizing that I must have do you say...crazy? Meanwhile, Bob was trying to get my attention for something and I was busy rooting for the bug. Eventually, he found his opportunity to mimic the way I was saying 'Feel your way away' and now I have it in my head. Still 3 days later.

Oh, the end of a long weekend. And man, has it been long! I feel like I was last in the office in another lifetime. It was only four days ago!

The camping trip was a success! I heart mess kits and sleeping bags and S'more sticks (thanks Justin for assisting in the stick hunt). We set up camp in no time and I picked up my books. Yes, homework came with me into the woods. The weather was beautiful and our campsite was in full-sun both days. Think we got a little bit of color out there! Thank goodness for the single cup Keurig machine and the outlet in the back of Potato's truck. Helped us along on a 3 mile walk Saturday morning to a nearby stream.

Our second night, HJE came by and we played on the playground up the hill for a while. Ella made her first s'more and had a blast playing in the tent. Hope said maybe next year they'd come and stay a night!

Yesterday we woke up early, packed up, and headed home. Sad. I ended up cleaning my house a bit and continuing with homework. Bob came by in the afternoon and we just mellowed out. He was exhausted and ended up going to bed early; I trucked along in my book for school and then switched over to Ram Dass for a while once I was in bed. Thank you Amazon Kindle for the iPhone app! Would like to balance my school-reading with good ol' fiction (or spiritual guides, eh?) once in a while.

Today, Bob wasn't feeling so hot so we did a lot of nothing (which was just perfect for a Labor Day) and I finished the book I started this weekend for my Divorce class! We did get out for a little bit; went out to a boat sale nearby, then to our favorite natural food shop for a piece of pizza and Stop and Shop for the basics. After an afternoon nap (on his part), he took me out for dinner and we watched a Walt Disney Goofy cartoon - The Art of Skiing - before he left. I'm officially 30, but sometimes I feel about 7. And I like it that way!

I feel like I could do better in terms of the way I'm blogging tonight but I'm too tired to rewrite in order to sound more exciting, ha ha. This will have to do! It's time to pack my school stuff up for tomorrow and get a good night's sleep. Whoa. It's only 8:40! Guess the weekend tired me out more than I realized :)

Happy Labor Day!

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