Tuesday, September 15, 2009

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

This week is going by so fast. It's Wednesday (almost) already! Two classes down, one to go. Getting to work early so I can leave in time for class. No small feat with deadlines and deliverables! Makes for long days, too. Tonight was the night that the reality of my workload hit - I opted out of yoga so I could stay in and organize my calendar and thoughts on my upcoming assignments. I was feeling overwhelmed, which often just paralyzes me. When I recognize that that's happening, I have to focus and pick some specific task to work on. Just keep on truckin' and it all gets done.
Tonight I started outlining one of my books for my Divorce class.
My feelings about marriage go back and forth as I read all this data. Some of it is promising, some of it is depressing, some of it is just downright frightening. All of it, however, is real. I can only hope and expect to see a variety of situations in my future practice as a therapist.

I should do Happy Homemaker Tuesday (is that taboo? I missed Monday). I find it amusing, given the fact that I haven't cooked in a while and I don't have many 'crafts' on hand, except to fix the silverware drawer (um, not a craft). See?

The weather: Beautiful! Today was warm (high 70's?) and sunny. Tomorrow...ooh I think it's supposed to rain. High near 70.

One of my simple pleasures: Playing with Raina and her laser toy. Cats + lasers crack me up. Great study break. Good exercise for her, too. Her and those baggy armpits she has.

On my nightstand: Huh. I'm noticing the eclectic mix going on. Moisturizer, a tupperware that housed trail mix before I inhaled it during my class, two tent stakes, my glasses. More permanent fixtures: my lotus jewelry holder, lamp, and old picture of my grandparents.
I think this category is usually reserved for books? I have too high of a stack to go on TOP of my nightstand. Instead, they live on the floor in front.

On my TV: This is where this list gets embarrassing. I do it to myself. Anyway, there's nothing on the TV. Dust. I watched it last Friday, actually. Say Yes to the Dress. Some brides scare me.

On the menu tonight: Frozen waffles with a smidgen of peanut butter. I'm a grad student.

On my To Do List: Fix the broken silverware drawer. Study. Vacuum. Clean the windows. Study.

New recipe I tried last week: I didn't! Mwah ha ha

In the craft basket: Why am I even filling this list out?

Looking forward to: Celebrating H2's birthday this weekend and Saturday morning yoga.

Homemaking tip for the week: Put away a ton of money and hand it over to the association so they can fix the deck.

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