Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Night Already?

Before heading up to bed, just wanted to recap the weekend and share my gratitude. What am I grateful for, you ask?

Meeting my sisters playgroup friends and enjoying a meal in honor of the little pumpkin that will be joining us soon! (17 days until it's due!) She looks so great!

Making progress on my book review (10 days until IT'S due)

Taking my sweet boyfriend to the movies and chowing down on Tandoori afterwards

Rainstorms and sunny fall days

The journey I'm on with my cat who is experiencing a little health blip. One day at a time little fuzzy!

$35 Uggs at Costco

Dinner with my Dad, stepmom, and stepbrother. In one weekend, I saw almost my entire family! Just missing were my sisters kids and husband. Feel better you guys!
I congratulated my Dad and Stepmom on ten years of stepfamily-ness. According to research, second marriages fail more frequently than first, and adding children to the mix increases the risk. The first couple of years are most challenging, of course, as adjustment is constant! Learning about my own life experiences from the experts gives me a sense of 'If I knew then what I know now..."

I can NOT stop eating lately. Is it the winter? Is it stress? Is it D) all of the above? Help!

Quick prayers and goodnight :)

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