Thursday, October 1, 2009

Java Jam

Just to put it out there early this morning, so I can move on with my day....
My office changed the roast of the coffee that we brew in the communal kitchen.
It's a dark roast, and it's disgusting.
Now, don't get me wrong, as I type this, I have a nice full cup of it right in front of me.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, people.

Something about slugging down bitter sludge doesn't make my mornings anymore.
However! There is a silver lining!
I DO have a coffee pot at home (so what am I complaining about, I'm sure you're wondering). I just...keep forgetting that I hate the coffee we have at the office, therefore leaving my wonderful coffee pot high and dry at home while I march on towards this morning madness.
Never again!!

Don't worry. I think one of the things that is telling of people who are really nuts is that they don't KNOW they're nuts. At least I have the insight.

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