Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tell me why....

..my cat finds it necessary to now poop all over the house. Mainly under my bed; however, last night she went for the gold and pooped on my roommate's bed. I repeat, on her BED.
Luckily it was on a fleece blanket so we could quickly toss it into the washing machine.
But hi.

I took the little fuzzbomb to the vet two weekends ago when this began. They did some bloodwork and tested her stool/urine but found nothing. Which then leads us to wonder if it's behavioral. I haven't been home AS much lately, but it's not even drastic enough for me to think it's really the cause of the issue. I can't necessarily say it's NOT, either, so when I am home I try to pay more attention to her. Also, today after work (which is in about ten minutes) I'm going off to buy a second litter box and place it upstairs so she doesn't have to go all the way down to the basement to use hers. Though...what's also interesting is that she still pees in her litter box (thank God); just poops out and about.
Sorry. I know it's not really a topic that we all want to read paragraph after paragraph about. I'm just rather perplexed.

I have a midterm tomorrow so tonight after I make my house more cat-poo-in-the-litter-box-friendly, I will be sitting down to review my notes. I'm being tested on divorce! I'm also preparing for a book review/presentation I have coming up in a few weeks - about the possibility for divorce outcomes to be positive experiences and what factors contribute. It's interesting, and I agree that people have been taught to have purely negative assumptions about divorce, and that sometimes assumptions can even shape the true experience. Kind of like...if you think negatively, what you experience is going to be negative. I've never experienced a divorce (I suppose not being married lowers my chance ha ha) but I can assume it's a pretty terrible situation, just for what it is. This book, Divorce Reconsidered: For Better or Worse, by no means discounts THAT fact, but it does talk about what helps and hurts in response to a divorce and that protective factors of an individuals life experience can assist in a more positive growth/learning experience from pain.

On that note. I'm off to buy litter for my stinky paws.
Pray for me and my midterm that we live happily ever after!

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