Saturday, November 14, 2009

She's a Rav-4

So today, my roommate sets off for her new job in Pennsylvania! She'll actually still be connected to the company we both work for, but she's going on site of one of our clients in PA. She's lived here for about 7 months. I'm going to miss her! I'm excited for her, of course, but I was enjoying her company!

The movers are here now - two guys and a gigantic truck. She doesn't honestly have that much stuff, and has done a great job of packing, so it shouldn't be too long before they get it going. I'm laying low in my room to stay out of the way, though have my sneakers on and am a shout away if she needs me. I figure they don't need two people overseeing their work! Kitty is at Bob's house to keep her safe and keep all of us from having to think about where she is during the transition. She loves it there! He spoils her rotten.

The rest of the weekend will be homework, errands, visiting with my new nephew, and finally, to celebrate the close of the weekend, a kirtan with Bob about an hour from here.

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