Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ding Dong Turkey

I just had this fantasy of actually getting some exercise this 'vacation' while I have a couple of extra hours off. I thought 'Hey! Getting to the gym would be fun! I haven't been there in eons!' and then the NEXT image that followed was the MASSES that will most likely be there the day after Thanksgiving. Imagine?
I think a walk around the block or some yoga at home might do the trick. Keep my holiday spirit up (by not having to be out in the eye for an eye shopping mania) and my weight gain down. Ha. Or at least try. It's inevitable this season, really.

Tonight after I leave the office it will be one stop at the grocery store (I'll be putting my shinguards, mouthguard, and helmet on beforehand) and then home, to bake and decorate some sugary treats. I've got this thing called homework hanging over my head, too, so I'll have to devote some pre-holiday time to that to. Don't want it to feel left out of the festivities :)

Tomorrow morning while I excitedly watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I will roast some squash and prepare to head over to my Dad's house for the main meal. Most years we adventure up to Vermont for the holiday, but this year, since we have a new little turkey among us, we're staying local. Being able to watch the parade is a special treat because of our location - in VT we have a small TV that was born just for movies. In recent years we've 'seen' the parade but through a thick screen of static snow that is only made possible by various members of the family having to angle their bodies in certain ways for extended periods of time, somewhat encouraging the satellite reception to let us see a couple of the floats and maybe the Rockettes.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and warm Thanksgiving this year. Much gratitude for those I love and the food we will eat. Happy Holidays!

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