Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slow Motion

This week is less hectic than last, and I feel it! I'm a little sluggish/tired/lazy. Last night after class I came home and read some homework books in bed for a while. When I got home today I climbed into bed, but moments later got up and started organizing some paperwork that needed to be dealt with for a long time. Did lots of laundry (blankets and towels) and cleaned/organized the house a little bit.
This morning I told my roommate I was going to 'hire a dumpster' and just start chucking stuff out my second story window. Anything on the floor, goes. It WOULD feel good though, wouldn't it?

My new nephew is doing a good job being a fabulous baby...crying and eating...I can't wait to see him and his big sister this weekend, hopefully (not to mention my own big sister!) I miss my other sister and her family...the kids had the icky H1N1 so we haven't seen them much recently :( They're on the mend though so I hope to see them soon!

More kirtan this weekend omg I'm in love! The feeling I get when I'm enjoying the music and the peace filled moment...is just so awesome. No word will really capture the feeling, so I don't know how hard I'll try to find the right one. I've always connected with Ram Dass' books and language - and now, as I develop more of a 'relationship' with Krishna and Bhagavan Das, Ram's old friends, it's fun to see my beliefs coincide with their particular teachings...wow

One of the writers of a blog I read was scheduled to have her son today. Thinking of her and her family...and all the new mamas out there! Especially the one closest to my heart!


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