Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quiet Please!

This morning I saw the Nielsens on The Today Show! I've been following Stephanie's blog since I heard about the plane crash she and Christian were in last summer. I think about them a lot, actually. I can't imagine what life is like, though it seems like their family is healing well and has so much support. She said her blog is like therapy for her now.

On my way to work this morning I was flipping the radio stations between one noisy place to another...until I just shut it off. The quiet was much needed, much appreciated, and I feel like it opened up a little space in my day. Allowed the routine transition from home --> work to take place a little differently this morning. Now I just need to turn off my Facebook addiction...ummm.

Now that my roommate has moved out, my house feels a lot different. So quiet. Often at night I'll put the TV on now, for a little noise, though I don't typically enjoy anything I find on there. I'm more keen to music but somehow have never really set up a user-friendly music system in my house. Maybe that's on my To-Do list for 2010.

Anyway, I just sat down at my desk, so I better get going, but wanted to note how much better it felt to just turn off the unecessary noise on the radio and possibly use it as a metaphor for life!
Happy Tuesday everybody!

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