Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Laugh a little, loosen up!

Going through my daily blogroll, I came upon on a topic I enjoy. The art of being positive!

It's funny because I have this great life, great family, good job, good friends, good...everything! And wouldn't you know how often I find myself being negative?

I wonder what that IS!

I'm thinking it just has to be about fatigue, or stress kicking in and clouding over my otherwise-present-happiness. Life isn't about being STRESSED, but it sure feels that way sometimes. Life isn't about being RIGHT or BEST but sometimes it seems that way too. It's about love, and family, and doing the next right thing. It's about new experiences and resilience. So how can we REMEMBER that it's about these things when 'stuff' hits and we're buried under it?

Probably the best advice I've gotten is to not take myself so seriously. It's only life, after all.

I'm happy with my little world and little dreams and little accomplishments.

I'm happy with a little house and one little cat and little job.

The energy I feel from positive people is amazing. The energy I feel when I give away my happiness is huge! Come on people! Let's stay positive! Let's give happiness the right-of-way and keep on keeping on!

Happy Wednesday everybody.

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