Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turkey Day Countdown!

I'm so very tired this morning!

I feel badly even saying that, knowing that my sister has a new baby in the house which allows for very little sleep...
but it's true! It's my own version of fatigue, I suppose.

It stems from the fact that this week I've been working, going to class, and coming back to work to finish things up. It makes for a very long day full of brain power. Ha. Sadly, using my brain on a consistent basis tires me

It IS, however, Pizza Thursday! I am very much looking forward to sitting around with Bob tonight and sharing a pie. I will also see my kitty, who has been spending the week at his place :)
She'll be back on her home turf tomorrow. This weekend I have to clean out the storage room... start attacking some of those boxes that have just lived on the shelves for years. God knows what's in them. Chances are...I don't need it. My goal for my thirties was to be organized...and I'd say I'm making a pretty good attempt at it!

Back to work. I feel like I need 3 more cups of coffee just to get the day GOING. Wait until you see me at the 3:00 wall today. Oh boy.


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