Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I met the man!

Today I met Connor David!! He is adorable, of course. He cried, and slept, and looked around, and ate, and slept, and sneezed. So fun to see a little blue capped baby again! Tomorrow he, Mommy and and Daddy will go home and big sister will meet him! It's too bad that children aren't allowed into the hospital right now because of H1N1, but hey. Here's to all the adults/kids/babies who won't get sick because of that rule!

This weekend will produce tons upon tons of baby blue gifts, of course! The true 'baby shower!'

I had a presentation in my class tonight as well as a paper due. Last night was a midterm in another class. This week wasn't my best, schoolwise, but I'd put anything aside for a new baby! I miss E, watching her yesterday was fun.

Tomorrow is Thursday already...somehow. With two tough schooldays behind me I feel like I can breathe momentarily, though it's not long before more things are due.

I've got to go to bed...I was wound up when I got home bc I saw the new little boy and then had dinner around 10pm and started emailing pics, etc. I really need to go to bed or tomorrow morning will be brutal. These past few days I have existed purely on leftover Halloween candy.

Happy birthday to my stepbrother - he turned 25 today! My life changed a bit when I turned 25. I made some smarter choices and started growing up (slowly, I assure you, but it began).

I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow night! I feel like SO MUCH has happened this week and it seems like it's been forever since I've seen him. It has only been a few days but I'm ready for a squeeze. He's been watching my cat the past few days, thank goodness!

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